Seasonal Cleanse

Connect to the body’s innate healing wisdom

In our 3-week comprehensive SEASONAL CLEANSE PROGRAM, you will be guided in and learn how to Cleanse & Heal – Body and Mind ~

Aligning to Nature’s Rhythm.

This program is designed to help Improve Digestion and Eliminate Toxins, Increase Energy, and give you tools to Manage Stress – Supporting a New You, and a New Improved Way of Living – Experiencing harmony and flow, and ease in body-mind.

K E Y   P I L L A R S :

I N C L U D E S :

  • 9o min. Initial Ayurvedic Consultation (In Person)
  • Detailed Nutrition Plan – When and What to eat
  • Instruction and Demo of “At-Home” Daily Cleansing Therapies incl. Breath
  • 3-60 min. Ayurvedic Oil Massage (Full Body)
  • 3-15 min. Dry Sauna
  • Instruction on Gentle Suited Exercises: Yoga & Qi Gung
  • 3-30 min. Cleanse Program Support (In Person)
  • 60 min. Cleanse Program Support (Online)

Added Services, O P T I O N A L :

Additional Healing and Beauty Therapies can be arranged.

The outlined ‘Cleanse’ is based on 3 weeks, however, the length of the program may vary from 4 days min. and up to 3 weeks. We will cater the program to fit your specific needs and wants, please call for details –

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