Aloha, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Ayurveda’s understanding of how to live in harmony with Nature through Nutrition, Herbs, Massage Therapy and Yoga Nidra (Guided Meditation).

Offerings include: Nutritional Support where we address which foods are suited for your unique constitution and any imbalances. And a more in-depth SEASONAL CLEANSE PROGRAM that involves: Nutrition, cleansing therapies, massage therapy, gentle exercise and meditation.

Get a taste of Ayurveda’s long and refined tradition of using Massage Therapy – with herbalized oils, carefully chosen and applied with rhythmic strokes to support your uniqueness, and any health challenges.  The herbal medicine penetrates deeply – purifying and detoxifying tissue layers. To further support detoxification, sauna is recommended, followed by showering.

To experience Ayurvedic Oil Massage – Book below or call 949.735.5625

~ All Visits Include Complimentary Herbal Tea ~