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Support your body-mind systems to handle daily stress and prevent disease by eating aligned with Nature. 

What we eat becomes us! – An incredible miraculous set-up! – One to reflect on and have reverence for…

Taking in food, that digests, assimilates and becomes us is a Sacred Experience, and giving thanks before ingesting and enjoying, is a beautiful way to acknowledge that.

Our daily food choices impact the way we look, feel, think and behave. And, if our desire is to feel flexible in body and mind, with vibrant abundant energy then, the foods we consume need to reflect this!

To live long healthy fulfilling lives Ayurveda, India’s ancient system of healing, encourages us to focus on fresh foods in season, and herbs and spices to support digestion.

According to Ayurveda each person’s make-up is unique, and therefore not one diet fits all! By discovering your unique constitution, taking into account any current health concerns and the season, we will be able to assess which foods and lifestyle choices will best support you at this time.

Areas where you can expect to find relief:

  • Improved Digestion – less bloating and tiredness; healthy regular bowel movements
  • Increase in Energy – with foods being digested properly – energy is freed up
  • Restful Sleep – through wholesome nutrition and a calm nervous system

Foods are alive and fun, and it behooves us to approach them in this way, steering away from rigid eating plans. Instead, learn to eat foods in season – that are fresh and full of nutrition, and satisfy the body deeply, eliminating unhealthy cravings.

Book an appointment today, and let’s together embark on the journey of Self-discovery and health!

If your condition is more severe with symptoms of: sluggish-ness, poor digestion/elimination, achy joints and irregular sleep then consider our comprehensive SEASONAL CLEANSE PROGRAM where nutrition is just one aspect.


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