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Humbly Bowing to Nature…

“In the Still Observation of Nature, our own Divinity is Revealed and Experienced. Insights emerge relaying the interconnectedness of things. It becomes clear how little we comprehend with our highly complex minds and how much we have to gain in Aligning ourselves with Nature.”

My training and understanding of food as medicine and healthy living are based in Ayurveda – India’s ancient healing science. For guidance on this continual journey, I owe much gratitude to Dr. Vasant Lad with the Ayurvedic Institute, Amrit Desai with Amrit Yoga Institute, Karta Purkh Singh, Dr. John Douillard and my friend Raju.

Having been practiced for millennia, Ayurveda has endured the test of time! The system came through the ancient seers or “Rishis” of India, who in deep meditation and through the observation of Nature received insights into the workings of body, mind and spirit and their interconnectedness.

In Sanskrit, the word “Ayus” is translated into Life and “Veda” as Science ~ Ayurveda is considered “the Science of Life”.

Like its sister sciences Yoga and Tantra, the Aim of Ayurveda is to Connect with our Divine Nature. In this endeavor, a balance of body, mind and emotions are essential. Ayurveda gives us tools to bring about this balance, so that we may experience connectedness to our Self and therefore our surroundings –

Engaging in the World with understanding, compassion and surrender.

Ayurveda is a logical science built up around the 5 Elements of: Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Ether. According to Ayurveda everything in Nature is made up of a combination of these 5 elements, which creates a unique constitution for each animate and inanimate object. We are born with this constitution, but because of life experiences, foods, environmental -and emotional stressors imbalances occur, expressing itself as physical and mental discomfort, ailments and dis-ease.

The skilled Ayurvedic practitioner, is able to assess the root of the imbalances, and offer guidance in how to restore balance using therapies like: Nutrition, Herbology, Massage, Exercise, Mantra (Prayer), Meditation and Breath practices.

My expertise is with Nutrition including Herbs, Massage, Aromatherapy, and as a Yoga Nidra Facilitator (Guided Meditation).

May All Beings Be Well & Truly Happy!


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