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Lighter Traditions

Instead of stuffing ourselves with turkey and heavy side dishes on Thanksgiving my Lover and I continued from last year and celebrated in a Lighter Way. Both Nature-lovers we spent part of the day exploring our beautiful island landscape, and after working up an appetite, we enjoyed a fragrant bright-colored pumpkin-carrot-and ginger soup with a large green salad and raw goat cheese quesadilla w/ mushroom and spinach.

Followed by Chinese checkers, tea and a Raw Lime Pie (note to self, to post recipe) It was Perfect!: Beautiful colors, light and flavorful and left us energized to make out the rest of the evening ; )

We are enjoying celebrating in our own way, in each moment, doing what makes us smile, laugh and stay loving. Traditions are wonderful, and at the same time when they leave you feeling stuffed and lethargic, maybe it is time to re-think…just a thought.

Blessings to all.

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