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Following Joy

The theme of this year has been following Joy – Tuning into the activities and people where I experience the most joy – and inviting in more of that. Through writing exercises and listening to my intution food preparation keeps shining, the fulfillment lies in that I get to feed people nourishing scrumptious meals, it’s a creative outlet -dynamic, coloful, celebratory etc. I know that since I have been prioritizing these things and people where I feel supported, creative, loving and easeful my Life experience just keeps feeling better – more yummie – juicer.

What are you focusing on? It is cliché, and true “that what you focus on whether “good” or “bad” is what you will get”, the Universe supports your thinking. Writing things down and visuals can be helpful tools in exploring Your Joy, and being in Nature…walking I receive so much insight and clarity. Vision boards are fun: On black foam board paste clippings of imagery, sayings etc. from magasizes of things, people, feelings you would like to experience more, and put it were you will see it daily, this exercise has been so helpful to me in manifesting desires – It Works!

The human experience is such a blessing. Invite the Magic in!

2 thoughts on “Following Joy

  1. Just cooked a tasty pork casserole.. Pork(meat i know), Tomatoes, Aubergine, Pepperfruit, Onions, Garlic, Potatoes, Tomato puree,Chilli, Bay leaves, salt n pepper.. mmmm cant wait til its ready.

    1. Thank you sharing, sounds wonderful! I have no judgement on people’s preferences. Sustainably sourced, prepared with love – all is well. Much love to you brother

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