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Cleanse Class – Livn’ Green Soup

Thank you Everyone in the Cleanse Class for your support and interest in Nutritious Foods and Living. Ginny this is especially for You! As in all my food prep, I don't use exact measurements, and I encourage you to do the same - using and

Cleanse Class Juice – Perky Pear!

My Love's Autumn Cleanse Class is well on its way...Yesterday evening, again I offered participants - Juices and a raw soup. One of the cleansing juices was: PERKY PEAR Recipe, 2 servings I N G R E D I E N T S : 1/2 pear, firm 1

Remarkable Sage

Sage offers more than as savory herb used sparingly in seasonal cooking - It is a remarkable culinary remedy! It aids in digestion of fatty foods, lowers cholesterol levels and is a liver tonic. As we move into Autumn and Winter, use the tea or in


Thank you Dassi-Ma for the inspiration for this Sweet-Sour - and very Refreshing combination of juicy flavors. In Maui, both Pomegranates and Lilikoi are Happening! This juice requires a bit of effort, but what a great task and the reward is a