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Cleanse Class Juice – Perky Pear!

My Love's Autumn Cleanse Class is well on its way...Yesterday evening, again I offered participants - Juices and a raw soup. One of the cleansing juices was: PERKY PEAR Recipe, 2 servings I N G R E D I E N T S : 1/2 pear, firm 1

Remarkable Sage

Sage offers more than as savory herb used sparingly in seasonal cooking - It is a remarkable culinary remedy! It aids in digestion of fatty foods, lowers cholesterol levels and is a liver tonic. As we move into Autumn and Winter, use the tea or in


Thank you Dassi-Ma for the inspiration for this Sweet-Sour - and very Refreshing combination of juicy flavors. In Maui, both Pomegranates and Lilikoi are Happening! This juice requires a bit of effort, but what a great task and the reward is a

The Sweet Side of Lemons

Lemons & Limes are Great Foods! - are so pretty - Zinging with Zest and Aliveness! The sour taste of Lemons & Limes benefits the Liver and aids digestion, and has a overall cleansing effect on the body - withcalled